Letters to the Editor

MB tax sends visitors north

Re "NMB considers tax hike," March 13 article:

North Myrtle Beach City Council considering a tax hike to benefit tourism is really a bad idea on so many fronts.

Most of the funds raised by the tax would go to the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce since, as Marc Jordan states, "The only way you're going to increase your market share is by spending more money."

I couldn't disagree more. I think North Myrtle Beach is already increasing its market share as a result of the tax increase down in Myrtle Beach. In addition to a tax increase in Myrtle Beach, that town has also managed to alienate most of the motorcyclists; allowed the Pavilion and an oceanside amusement park to be razed; installed parking meters that will operate almost year-long; and lost its status as host of the National Shag Dance Competition.

The residents and tourists who live and play in North Myrtle Beach appreciate the town we have now - a bit slower-paced, much nicer beaches, and with an atmosphere that makes you feel safe as you watch a parade down Main Street. If we liked Myrtle Beach better, we would have moved there.

The proposed tax hike for tourism shouldn't even make it to a referendum vote - and I don't think we should be paying for any "research" to be done.

What seems to be benefiting the tourism industry in North Myrtle Beach are the radical changes Myrtle Beach seems to be implementing - and the disgruntled vacationers are already heading to the "top" of the Grand Strand.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.