Letters to the Editor

Protest human toll of landfill

Much has been reported, re-reported and whittled down about the present and future plans for the piggyback expansion of the Horry County landfill on S.C. 90. While the County Council and the Solid Waste Authority are holding hands and going through the processes required by the Department of Health and Environmental Control to finalize the beginning of the 250-foot piggyback landfill, I am puzzled that the residents that surround the landfill have not shown their rage by filing a class action lawsuit against the expansion, setting up picket lines and protesting this outrageous venture. As I remember, it was the protesters against the Vietnam War who stormed Washington, D.C., in the early 1970s who eventually brought an end to the war.

Nothing has been reported about the massive amount of rodents that will infest the landfill after the piggyback expansion and possibly carry diseases extracted to the communities bordering the landfill. There has been no in-depth reporting about the toxic waste and other hazardous materials that are deposited there that could, after a period of time, funnel underground to the neighborhoods and cause problems.

I went to a County Council meeting when the vote was to be taken that started the process of expanding the landfill. District 3 Councilman Marion Foxworth, in his remarks before voting for the process of expansion and after listening to all the pleas from the residents, called those residents "collateral damage." There wasn't even a hint of remorse but a sly grin on his face when he voted "yes."

Foxworth and several other council members need to go away. We need fresh, progressive individuals on the council who give a damn about the residents and their welfare. This can only be done when those who live around the landfill, and others who really care about it, start protesting publicly and show their rage before its too late.