Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Out-of-staters keep CCU afloat

I cannot believe that the S.C. legislators are wasting their time looking into why Coastal Carolina University accepts so many out-of-state students.

The legislators created this problem themselves. CCU is the third-largest school in South Carolina and receives far less money per student from the state than the other two schools get per student. This causes CCU to accept more out-of-state students who pay much higher tuition than in-state students pay.

Wake up, legislators, and fix the problem that you have created. Don't try to pass the blame on to CCU. They are just trying to survive the only way that they know how.

David Spires



Added tax will hurt citizens

As a resident and tax-paying citizen of the city of North Myrtle Beach, do I stand alone in my disbelief of the recent developments within my city? The Public Safety Department is in disarray with top officials oblivious to the problems, and with the economy in shambles, unemployment at record highs, and the future looking dim, am I led to believe that the elected officials and intellectuals of this fair city think increasing the sales tax by 1 percent (for tourism reasons) will further make things better for the citizens of this city? Prices for everything from gasoline, groceries, electricity to taxes have risen, while wages and jobs continue to decline. Many of the citizens in this city live from payday to payday and are not as secure in their positions and finances as those they elected to represent them. I think it's time for the citizens of this city to wake up and stand together and demand more say with the daily operations of this city and its decisions. I don't believe the citizens of North Myrtle Beach are getting their money's worth from their elected officials.

Lyle Hohneke

North Myrtle Beach