Letters to the Editor

Troops deserve to be honored

Recently, I have had the opportunity to speak to several war vets, albeit only by chance. The general conclusion I have come to is that our country as a whole has gotten too caught up in the politics of it all and forgotten the human aspect. Men and women are fighting daily for freedom, no matter what your political view is, they deserve our support! Our servicemen and women need all the prayers, love, letters and encouragement we can give them!

I have seen ratty flags hanging atop tall poles that need replacing. If you cannot afford to replace it, then don't fly one at all. Our troops deserve to come home to flags that pay tribute to their work. They daily put their lives in danger for us and many people we will probably never know or meet.

As I spoke to my father recently about an incredibly dishonorable flag, the only remark he made to me was, "That's not the flag I fought for!" He is a Vietnam Veteran who to this day refuses to speak about the atrocities he experienced over there. My grandfather was a sharpshooter in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese sunk his ship, but he survived with two bullet holes in his hip. He received the Purple Heart.

This letter may be mundane to some of you, but to me, I choose to honor those who fought and those who still fight to keep America what it is ... FREE!

The writer lives in Longs.