Letters to the Editor

Better evacuation option ignored

I am a bit perplexed. With the discussion concerning the proposed Southern Evacuation Lifeline "toll road" being brought to the public attention, why are more productive options never considered? During an evacuation what benefit is there to dumping a large amount of traffic onto already swollen evacuation routes of U.S. 501 and S.C. 22? And into one of the largest congestion areas - even during typical summer "leave" days - Aynor. I don't understand.

I don't understand why Interstate 20 couldn't be extended to a southern area of Horry County and connect with S.C. 22, which would offer safe and unimpeded evacuation routes to both the northern and southern regions of the area. Also, why couldn't S.C. 9's dual lanes be extended all the way to Interstate 95? Then there would be an interstate system and a dual-lane highway to offer simple, safe and virtually unencumbered egress from the coast in times of emergency. As well as offer the same to all of our visitors both into and out of the coast.

It seems simple, makes sense. It may also eliminate the need - if there ever was one - for the Interstate 73 project. We need to get people out in emergencies and during normal tourist seasons. Why study something that in essence will just create another parking lot like S.C. 22 is during the summer leave days and add more congestion to Aynor and U.S. 501? Study what seems logical, safe and efficient.

The writer lives in Little River.