Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


What's purpose of 'Blue Light Special'?

After arriving at the Law Enforcement Center in Myrtle Beach on March 3 to dispose of a speeding citation, I became very much aware of a situation that confirms my suspicion that "Blue Light Specials" are becoming popular along the Grand Strand. From Pawleys Island to North Myrtle Beach on U.S. 17 Business, on any given day or night, you will observe at least two or more motorists being stopped for some infraction of the traffic codes. I along with at least a couple of hundred other motorists waited in the cold to have our cases disposed of, from excess speeds, failure to have in possession registration/insurance certificates, failure to dim headlights and any number of violations. It just seems that it is very easy to get a "Blue Light Special" these days. Is the issuance of citations to promote awareness in highway safety or is it a means of having sufficient revenue?

Henry Meeks

Surfside Beach


Locals discounts are 'slap in the face'

We are snowbirds who come down to Myrtle Beach three or more months each year, along with thousands of snowbirds. The restaurant industry gets it and offers two-for-one or good discounts, and we appreciate it, but our gripe is with the live shows who offer two-for-one or discounts to locals only.

This policy is a slap in the face to every snowbird, and I feel the shows should rescind this biased policy. At best the shows we have seen the last two years were only filled at 50 percent capacity, and the shows still have the same expense.

I hope the shows will offer two-for-one or snowbirds discounts. It would encourage more snowbirds to attend those shows and improve their bottom line.

Dave Keeler

North Myrtle Beach

Leave kids home

Pets are better choice for workplace

Recently an air traffic controller brought his child to work - such a foolish move - perhaps it was a dull day! To make the workplace more playful and productive he should have brought a proven stress reliever - dogs and cats, which reduce depression, lower blood pressure and heart rates and boost immune systems. Also they help people network. One in five companies allow pets in the workplace. Allergies may be a problem, so beware.

We already have a national take your pet to work day annually in June. Utilize that day to see how stress is relieved by having cats and dogs in the workplace. Certain locations could even have a "horse day;" bring your favorite horse, or your neighbor's, or one at the local corral.

Fred Portway

Myrtle Beach


Snowbirds resent price for welcome

We have wintered at Myrtle Beach for two seasons and have planned to winter in 2011. We have been quite happy there, we have contributed significantly to your local economy, and have also considered buying a place in the area. Therefore, it was quite disconcerting to read in The Sun News that Patrick Mason of the Center for Carolina Living said, "If someone doesn't have at least $950,000 ... they should stay in Connecticut." Feeling unwanted, we slunk out of Myrtle Beach with our less than $950,000 worth and returned to our Connecticut home. Perhaps in future winters we should find another, more welcoming location and stimulate their economy instead.

Stephen and Lois Dunn

Myrtle Beach

Tea partiers

Add up the reasons to be angry

Larry Gates ("Real issue might be Obama's race," March 17 letter) doesn't understand why tea partiers are angry. We are angry because we are watching the most incompetent administration in history trying to pass bills that will financially bankrupt us. It's not Democrat vs. Republican; they're both at fault. It's just worse now. Here's why:

1. Add $376 in tax to median wages of $34,000 for universal health care ($1,500 a month for $60,000); alternative is cutting lab coverage, tripling co-pays, making first $3,600 of hospitalization patient-responsible and eliminating end-of-life medical procedures.

2. Add $1,200 per month to your tax bill if the national debt of $14.3 trillion is paid as a 30-year mortgage at 4 percent; alternative is paying just the interest at $476 a month.

3. Add a check from you for $1,000 for your portion of the global warming commitment.

Why aren't you angry?

Warren Pegram

North Myrtle Beach