Letters to the Editor

Proof plenty for man's climate role

Re John Milyo letter, "Hidden motives in climate debate," March 2:

No intended reflection on your career teaching science, but nearly two dozen of the countries united to forestall climate change have better high school science scores than America's schools. That should be considered when researching naysayers' climate change "differences" with practically every industrialized nation on Earth.

You claim mankind has no effect on climate change, but that I should "protest" the climate damage China causes. I'm confused by your reversal, no less because China did significantly more than America to limit climate change from 2000-2008. For example, China's 44 high-speed rail lines to our 1.

You claim the North Pole has been clear of ice "many times" If so, why did Russia wait until August 2007 to claim it for a shipping lane? In the hottest month, why were Russia's flag-bearing subs launched by icebreaker? This degree of ice melt over just the next two years significantly strengthens scientific claims for the decade being 1) hottest, with 2) fastest temperature increase in history.

Currently we have history's hottest decade, history's fastest temperature increase and Earth's greatest population.

Still people deny man has any detrimental effect on Earth, some ridiculing letters like this. Perhaps they're afraid, as in Milyo's letter, that some of the tremendous sums mankind "earned" while pushing Earth to the brink may be required by efforts to bring it back.

The writer lives in Galivants Ferry.