Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Cigarette tax

S.C. should consider funding choices

The S.C. state budget faces a shortfall of $560 million, which could mean lawmakers will cut services for nearly 26,000 people with disabilities and a large number of teachers may lose their jobs. While the House is considering raising the cigarette tax by 30 cents and the Senate would increase the tax by 50 cents, these increases will not provide enough money for education.

I think the legislature and the governor should agree to increase the cigarette tax by a greater amount than that which has been proposed. The state tax now on cigarettes is only 7 cents per pack, and the national average is $1.34. Certainly, the needs of our state call for a much larger tax on cigarettes. A larger tax would also reduce the number of smokers, which would be an added benefit.

The legislature and the governor also need to ban smoking in public buildings.

It will take real leadership for the legislature and the governor to address these two issues. The question is, will they provide the leadership?

Thomas Nelson

Myrtle Beach

Christian nation?

ABC, president mix religious traditions

Mark your calendars, folks. On April 3, ABC television, as is their wont, will celebrate Easter as they have for 25 consecutive years with a showing of the "The Ten Commandments," a paean to Moses of the Israelites. Barack Obama, taking a cue from ABC, has announced that we are not a Christian nation. Please tell us what we are, Barack. Fifty-three percent of us believe everything you say. Maybe, just maybe, we should be thankful ABC is not a Muslim network.

R.F. Litz


Thank you

Loris Chorus brunch was exceptional

I would like to thank the Loris Chorus Department and Miss Hammond for treating us to a fantastic Gospel Brunch on March 14. I simply cannot say enough about the show that the students put on - the most enjoyable performance I have seen in a long time. It is evident how much time, and effort and practice went into it. Hammond should be commended for the job she did bringing it all together and showcasing such talent with the students. We enjoyed it so much we went back Monday night to see it again. Great job, Loris Chorus. Great job, Miss Hammond.

Penny Branton


Jobs to China

Outsourcing sets back worker years

My brother in law who was a quality control engineer for Kodak and Corning, near Rochester, N.Y., was laid off and subsequently offered a high-paying job in China to train the Chinese how to do the jobs that he used to do. He turned down the job and has been hunting for a comparable job for 10 years.

God help us.

Bruce Femling

Myrtle Beach


A lot can happen in two weeks

On March 16, I received my official 2010 Census form. In the package, dated March 15, was "A message from the Director, U.S. Census Bureau" that said in part, "Please complete and mail back the enclosed census form today."

The first statement on the form after Start here was "The census must count every person living in the United States on April 1, 2010." I don't know how many persons are born or die in this country every day but in the two-week period between The Ides of March and April Fool's Day it is probably tens of thousands.

Is incompetence a prerequisite to government service? Can't the bureau see the inconsistency of these directions and the substantial error they are creating as a result? I will wait and fill out the form on April Fool's Day in honor of the idiots at the Department of Commerce who are running the show.

Robert French

Little River