Letters to the Editor

City's limits on church flier wrong

I am offended and nobody cares.

My church in Conway, is performing a passion play in March. Our two biggest goals are to glorify God and to see some souls saved.

My husband and I are members at a gym, affiliated with the city of Myrtle Beach, and we asked if we could hang a flier for the play on a bulletin board in the facility. We were told that the city would not allow it because it has to do with religion and it could offend someone. This country was founded on the values of the Bible. Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe the reason that this country is in such turmoil today is because we have taken away these Christian values in everything we do?

As for the city of Myrtle Beach, I am offended that we cannot hang a flier for people to look at if they choose to. When I turn on the TV and hear offensive language or see offensive scenes I am told that I can turn the channel. If you don't agree with my religious views, don't look at the flier. The city wants this to be a "family beach," yet it has these festivals downtown that are advertised for families that are nothing but beer fests. That is not family-oriented.

I am offended and nobody cares. Who do you have to offend in order to have history changed?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.