Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Health care

Pelosi urged officials to reject voter wishes

Did I really hear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say she was going to ask all Democrats to vote in favor of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi health care plan regardless of the possible consequences to them in the 2010 elections? If she recognizes there will be "consequences" for many of the congressmen who vote in favor of it, then she obviously knows she is asking them to vote against the wishes of the people who elected them. Isn't our government supposed to be about representing the wishes of the majority of the people who are governed? This shows me that this legislation isn't really about fixing whatever is wrong with the best health care system in the world, but is really about scoring political points.

Didn't Pelosi also say she was going to run the most transparent and ethical House in the history of our government? Then why hasn't the House Ethics Committee acted on charges against Rep. Charles Rangel for failing to disclose income and property worth about $1 million? This investigation is about political influence and payoffs.

Ralph L. Billeter Sr.



Preserve nature; don't toss butts

Golf is an invitation to say hello to solitude, to hear the trees, to feel the grass. It is enjoying a sport we love in a setting of natural beauty.

What a sad note to see litter, especially cigarette butts and cigar holders marring the landscape, carelessly disposed of on the ground.

For many people in the area, the wildfires of last year are still fresh in their memories. All litter is unsightly, but smoking materials can also be hazardous.

It would be tragic if a "hot" discarded cigarette or cigar hit a dry grassy area and started a fire. Multiply one golf course by the many in our area and the potential for a disaster increases. Enjoy all our beautiful golf courses. Thank you in advance for disposing of smoking materials in a safe container in your golf cart.

Sandra Weaver



Anti-Obama letter equal to hate mail

Re Bill Johnston letter, "Obama brought change, but not hope," March 15:

By invoking emotionally charged words such as "socialism," "czar," "abortion," "Muslim," "ultra-liberal" and "bribes," Johnston panders to the Rush Limbaugh wing of the hate-Obama party. Ignoring the nuanced position of his beloved Bush, and still hungry for broader approval, he bows in the direction of the Ku Klux Klan by accusing African-Americans and Hispanics of supporting Obama out of a yearning for "amnesty for illegal immigrants."

Yet it is not Johnston's incoherent ranting that seems so inappropriate to me, since each of us seniors believes his mind is functioning effectively even as it furiously sheds synapses. What is important here is that The Sun News has published drivel as if it were opinion worth exposing to others. Such an act is demeaning to a newspaper trying to achieve higher levels of respectability. Whether it's on the Internet, delivered by the postman, or published by a newspaper, hate mail remains hate mail.

Terry Munson

Pawleys Island


Fennell stands with voters on issue

I attended the "Hands off our Healthcare" rally on March 5 while Sen. Kay Hagan was in Wilmington, N.C., and had the privilege to stand with Bettie Fennell [who is running] for N.C. Senate and about 300 other patriots.

If these candidates who say they will represent the people cannot find the time to be with us at events such as this, it speaks volumes. If they cannot stand up against this attempt to take over our health care system, which is roughly 20 percent of our economy, can we rely on them to stand with us on anything? Someone in the crowd asked Fennell what differentiated her from her Republican opponent in the primary, and I jumped in and answered, "She's here, isn't she?" I rest my case.

Jim Stevens

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.