Letters to the Editor

Here’s a political olive branch; will you take it?

We sit, stand, or kneel next to you at worship; stand next to you in line at the store; sit in traffic behind you; pick up kids at school with you; stand nearby at the pump; and even vote in the adjoining booth.

Though our political thoughts may not agree, first and foremost we are not a foreign enemy and are patriotic Americans, the same as you. Shouting over each other with derisive categorizations changes no minds, but thoughtful, quiet, and reasoned discourse among folks can lead to compromise and action to resolve differences.

It is the constitutional right and duty of each of us to demand to be equally considered by those in our government who represent all constituents, not only those of their party affiliation.

With our burger hot off the grill, we cut it in half and share it with you, our neighbor. Won’t you join us?

John P. Parkinson, Myrtle Beach