Letters to the Editor

Expanding Myrtle Beach curfew a nonsensical solution

Re "Impose a curfew for those under 25" letter by Rick Gutierrez.

Reading this letter gave me my daily belly laugh. My first thought was that the current POTUS had written it until I got to the end and realized it had been submitted by a neighbor to the nearby south. My second thought was that the writer has been watching too many John Wayne and "Gunsmoke" shows (might as well throw Fox News broadcasts in the mix too).

I'd like to suggest another rock-solid solution for handling the "rash" of bad behavior on the part of the younger than 25 "criminals"  that he suggests is plaguing Myrtle Beach and other Grand Strand areas outside of Garden City Beach.

Just impose the curfew that he suggested with the stipulation that all affected individuals would have complete freedom to make their way down to Garden City Beach, but with one warning: That doing so could result in great bodily harm inflicted for any misbehavior by the "law and order" writer who is always on call with his Billy club, six shooter – with one bullet in the chamber - and handcuffs at the ready. 

That would straighten the perpetrators out and make the entire Grand Strand safe again. Problem solved.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach