Letters to the Editor

There’s a gun problem in Murrells Inlet, too

Nationally, the media is consumed with the issue of guns in our society. We denounce the killing of innocent people in our airports, in our schools and through out America. Yet, we turn a blind eye to what is happening right here in our fishing village of Murrells Inlet.

The forum held to supposedly discuss making Murrells Inlet a bird sanctuary was a farce. The duck hunters who were present were allowed to hiss and boo as people endeavored to detail the obstacles facing homeowners in Murrells Inlet. Subsequently, the hunters had their own agenda. It was ludicrous to listen to their tales of fore-gone generations who hunted in the inlet; marsh grass. Eons have gone by and now we have homes hugging every mudflat, standing across from each sandbar and in the homes are families. Yet, the duck hunters, along with their young apprentices, climb into their boats within the site of these homes and begin shooting any and everything that moves. We ask why? Because they feel entitled to do so.

Nothing was accomplished at this meeting and nothing ever will until we elect a representative who is not afraid to stand against those who fire guns in the Inlet simply because it is their birthright to do so. We, as Americans, denounce what is happening to the innocent around our nation. As individuals who respect the peace and quiet of the Inlet, we denounce what is happening to the innocent in our “sleepy little fishing village.”

Franc and Brad Coker, Murrells Inlet