Letters to the Editor

Red light cameras could save lives

I live and work near the North Myrtle Beach area. One big problem I've noticed getting worse is people running red lights at major intersections. And I'm not just talking about coasting through as it turns red.

Too often I see accidents almost happen right in front of me because people either refuse to stop or are so distracted they have no idea. And the light is red for at least three solid seconds. There's no reason for this.

I understand it's not feasible to install red light cameras at each intersection in this area, but something has to be done. The rules of the road exist for people's safety. I don't want to be sitting at a red light and watch someone get creamed because the other guy didn't stop. That could be me or a family member or a loved one getting hit.

If people get a ticket in the mail from getting caught on camera, maybe next time they'll stop.

Brian Fassbender, Longs