Letters to the Editor

Columnist no longer funny, too anti-Trump

Editor’s note: Celia Rivenbark’s column will be moving to the Op-Ed pages beginning Sunday.

One of the joys of reading the Sunday edition of The Sun News used to be Celia Rivenbark's column, “From the Belle Tower.” Now it is nothing more than a rant against President Donald Trump.

If I want to listen to all the stupid things that Trump is allegedly doing, all I have to do is turn on MSNBC. I expect negative commentary from them, just as expect a positive spin from Fox News. I assume Rivenbark has been hired to write a weekly column on the humorous side of Southern life, not to write a weekly political essay. If she wants to continue political writing, put her on the opinion page.

There has been at least two letters to the editor published in the opinion section about Ms. Rivenbark's departure from humor. I recommend the newspaper's management look into hiring someone who can write a good funny weekly column without getting tangled up in bashing our president every week.

Vince Franco, Pawleys Island