Letters to the Editor

According to local media, Myrtle Beach is dangerous, awful

I think there is nothing worrisome about concerns that the open-carry law will damage the image of the Grand Strand. The news media, be it print, broadcast, or online, pounds its consumers daily with reports of gun violence, even if the crime occurs as far away as a two-hour drive, even if it occurred over a year ago, even if it involved a local resident in another state. That bad-image reporting is at a saturation point.

Any tourist who looks at a local news report will be swamped with stories of crime, horrible roads, terrible education, and lack of care for the needy, even if the information is ancient history. If they don't run away screaming, they don't care or they know what propaganda in the form of McClatchy-brand socialism is.

Judging by the ever-abundant growth in our area, I'm guessing that the only people who didn't get the memo that this National Inquirer-type of news reporting isn't welcome here are those in the media itself.

George Gritmon, Little River