Letter | Myrtle Beach-area tent ban good start, now do something about the dogs

I have been following letters published on the tent ban and they seem to be coming from the local area not from a real tourist who has been coming here for years, so here is my opinion.

I have been coming here for over 43 years as a camper. The beaches are always crowded and with the closing of some campgrounds, they are very crowded. The people who bring the tents have no regard for their fellow campers. They park their tents any where they please, ignoring the lifeguards warning.

They even park in the beach access where no emergency vehicle can even get to the beach. Sometimes they just put them up and go off and leave them there all day without using them.

A lot of these people are just plain rude with these tents, they take up the space of two tents with even more stuff such as carts wagons, toys, rugs or lounge chairs to lie on outside of the tents. The threat that with tents banned, people will quit coming is stupid. Tents have only been around for a few years.

My children and many children before that survived using umbrellas. We used sun tan lotion on our children and as of last night Wal-Mart has loads of it. I say to these people, go buy it and use it, and let our beaches be safe again.

I do not, however agree with the Myrtle Beach ban on using a rope to tie down an umbrella during windy days.

One more issue that beach areas need to address is the people who bring their dogs to the beach who do not act as responsible adults and pick up after them. Do they not care that little children play in this sand and water? Some bring three to four big dogs. The campgrounds don’t enforce a limit or even monitor this situation.

There should be a huge fine all over the beaches for not being a pooper scooper. I have noticed the beach area has tried to put out bags in a dispenser for people pick up after their dogs, but there are some who just feel it is beneath them to do so.

The writer lives in Maiden, N.C.