Letter | Legal Bridge games; who would’ve guessed?

So now South Carolina has made it legal for the people of the state to play some card games in their homes and clubs.

Wow, how kind of them.

They seem to not be interested in the hundreds who lost their jobs a year or so back when they received complaints from the gaming boats about the terrible sin of the Sweepstake Cafes and closed them down. All for the greed of the passenger fees that people pay, which usually amount to an expensive boat ride that is more likely not regulated in International Waters.

Now they talk about raising the gas tax to raise money.

It seems it would be a better idea to have the windfall of legal and regulated gaming in South Carolina especially in Myrtle Beach, which would benefit all of South Carolina, instead of a casino boat out of Florida.

By the way, almost everyone needs to drive and would have to pay a gas tax hike. Not everyone gambles.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.