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Leroy, the pet pig caught at Columbia school, is out of the pokey. Here’s where he is

Leroy the pot-bellied big, which kept escaping his Cross Hill neighborhood home and romping through Brennan Elementary School, is out of the Columbia animal control shelter and in a foster home.

The city of Columbia said in a Facebook post late Friday afternoon that Leroy “is doing well.”

“Most of you have heard we have in our custody a young pot belly pig named Leroy,” the city wrote. “Leroy is currently being fostered outside of the City limits pending resolution of his court case.”

Leroy is a 7-month-old miniature pot-bellied pig. His owner, Mcgregor Reid Wallace, faces an Oct. 16 court date and more than $4,000 in fines after Leroy escaped four times and trotted through the nearby elementary school.

Wallace said Friday he had not been contacted about the transfer. Columbia Animal Control could not be contacted Friday, but in the past, the agency would not answer questions about Leroy’s whereabouts or condition.

“This is news to me,” Wallace said Friday when contacted by The State. “They never even called me. Aren’t they supposed to let me know? This is not right.”

It is illegal to have a pig in the Columbia city limits.

After Wallace received a warning for a previous escape, court records show that Leroy got loose again in early August. Wallace was charged with “having an animal at-large” and having an unauthorized animal.

Later last month, Leroy scampered again and visited Brennen uninvited. Wallace was charged a second time for “keeping hogs.”

On Sept. 6, Leroy made another unscheduled visit to the school. This time, Leroy ended up in the pound and Wallace faces further charges.

Leroy’s capture made national news, and since then more than 250 people have signed an online petition to #freeleroyjenkins.

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