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Teacher shows up to school drunk – again – and gets arrested, South Carolina cops say

Rachel Henry was charged with disorderly conduct after the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office said she showed up to work intoxicated.
Rachel Henry was charged with disorderly conduct after the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office said she showed up to work intoxicated. Berkeley County Detention Center

A teacher left the South Carolina high school where she works in the custody of law enforcement Thursday after showing up to work drunk, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office said.

It is the second time this calendar year that Rachel Henry has been charged with a crime after being caught intoxicated at Cane Bay High School, WCSC reported.

The Summerville school is about 28 miles north of Charleston.

It was about 9 a.m. when school administrators called the Sheriff’s Office saying the teacher was intoxicated, according to WCIV.

Henry was taken to Hill-Finklea Detention Center, where she was charged with disorderly conduct, per WCIV.

A bond hearing was scheduled Thursday night for Henry, who was charged with a similar crime in June, according to WCSC.

After the high school principal suspected Henry was drunk on June 4, she confessed to being under the influence and a bottle of whiskey was found in her vehicle, WCBD reported.

The teacher was charged with public intoxication for the June incident, according to the TV station.

Information on Henry’s punishment from the June arrest was not available.

Messages left with the Berkeley County School District weren’t immediately returned.

The school district issued a statement saying, “BCSD is committed to providing a drug and alcohol-free learning environment and workplace,” and that employees are prohibited from being under the influence of drugs and alcohol at school, per WCSC.

“However, there will always be employees in the workplace who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, and BCSD encourages those employees to seek help through a variety of programs that we offer,” the school district said in the statement.

Should Henry be convicted on the disorderly conduct charge, under South Carolina law she would face a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and $100 fine, according to Kent Collins Law Firm.

A spokesperson said disciplinary action from the school district can include rehab or firing the employee, WCIV reported.

Police released dashcam video showing the arrest of Saryna Parker, a former Miami-Dade teacher suspected of driving drunk with her child in the backseat on March 19, 2017.

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