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The ‘Big Box Bandit’ hit a North Carolina bank during 2-state crime spree, FBI says

The feds say they call the man the “Big Box Bandit” because he hit two banks inside Walmart stores.
The feds say they call the man the “Big Box Bandit” because he hit two banks inside Walmart stores. FBI

The FBI calls the wanted man the “Big Box Bandit” because he’s hit two banks inside Walmart stores, the feds say. He’s also robbed banks in North Carolina and Indiana, according to the FBI.

The FBI says the suspect most recently carjacked someone in Knoxville, Tennessee on June 21 and then used the car to rob a check-cashing business in a Chattanooga Walmart the same day.

The man robbed an FSNB bank in a Walmart in Clinton, Tennessee last month, the FBI said in a press release.

“A few days later, the same man entered another FSNB bank branch inside a Walmart in Kingsport, Tennessee, carrying a manila envelope. In both robberies, the man entered the banks and demanded money be placed in the provided envelope,” the FBI said.

He robbed another bank inside the Walmart in Shelbyville, Indiana, and yet another, this time a standalone bank, in Candler, North Carolina, according to the FBI.

According to the FBI: “The man has driven a blue, older model Ford Taurus and most recently a gold Chevrolet Trailblazer stolen from Knoxville during the robberies. The robber weighs between 180-190 pounds and stands approximately 5’8” to 5-9” tall. He wore a beard in some of the robberies and a goatee in others.”

The FBI asks anyone with information to call its Knoxville field office at 865-544-0751, submit a tip at or contact local police.

South Carolina law specifies how long of a prison term a person could face for armed robbery in the state of South Carolina.

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