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Deon Thompson has a new tattoo: UNC coach Roy Williams cutting down a net

Deon Thompson, a former North Carolina basketball player, has a new tattoo of coach Roy Williams.

Thompson played at UNC for Williams from 2006 to 2010 and won a national championship in 2009, according to 247Sports.

HeelsUpdates tweeted a picture of Thompson’s new tattoo, which is of Williams cutting the net off a basketball hoop

Deon Thompson Tattoo_fitted.png
Deon Thompson, a former UNC basketball player, got a tattoo of Roy Williams Screen grab/Twitter

The tweet has 853 likes as of Tuesday and several replies showing support.

“Awesome! And a testament to the Carolina Way. Once a Heel, always a Heel,” one person tweeted in response to the photo.

A video shows Williams seeing the tattoo for the first time.

Someone shows him a picture of it on a phone, and Williams asks if it’s something he’s had.

Someone in the background tells him it’s new.

“I think I’d remember that sucker if I’d seen it before,” he said.

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