123 tons of breakfast burritos got recalled. The problem in the wraps: rocks

Things found in El Monterey’s breakfast burrito: egg, potato, bacon, cheese sauce, rocks...

One of those things doesn’t belong and it caused a not-food-in-your-food recall of 246,514 pounds of El Monterey Egg, Potato, Bacon & Cheese Sauce Breakfast Wraps.

According to the USDA recall notice, parent company Ruiz Goods told the USDA on Friday it head from three customers about small rocks in the wraps.

The recalled wraps were sold nationwide in packs of eight with best by dates Jan. 17, 2020 or Jan. 18, 2020 and lot Nos. 19017 or 19018. Those with these wraps should return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Consumers with questions about this recall can call Ruiz Foods at 1-800-772-6474.

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