Loris church has chance to resurrect school property

The Horry County school board on Monday voted to sell the Loris Education Center — and the 10 acres of land it sits on — for only $5,000.

The building sold to Loris-based church Renovation Resurrection International Ministries.

Church Pastor Terry McLean said the church did not plan to tear down the building but instead remove the asbestos and use the facility for community outreach.

“We don’t plan to tear it down unless we absolutely have to,” she said.

The building posed a problem to the school district because of the cost of cleaning up the asbestos in the empty building.

Horry County land records show the property is worth $87,000. But maintenance and upkeep of the building cost Horry County Schools about $1,500 per month, according to Executive Director of Facilities Mark Wolfe.

The district did not solicit bids for demolition and asbestos clean-up work, but schools facilities director Mark Wolfe said the size and scope of the work would have been similar to the Myrtle Beach Family Learning Center, which also contained asbestos. That project cost more than $200,000.

The 31,377-square foot building on Spring Street was formerly the Loris Elementary School Annex, the Adult Education Center and was most recently used as a storage facility, according to district spokeswoman Teal Britton.

The district had previously planned on giving the building to the city of Loris for $5, provided the city used it to the benefit of the public.

According to DeFeo, the deal fell through after the city didn’t have any money to improve the property.

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