Education Notebook | S.C. adopts new education standards for math, English

S.C. students are gearing up to learn new English and mathematics standards recently adopted by the state.

“I am proud of the new homegrown, South Carolina college- and career-ready standards that we have adopted,” said Superintendent Molly Spearman. “We have developed a set of high quality standards written by our own South Carolina teachers and certified as college- and career-ready by our own institutions of higher education.”

Spearman adopted new standards this month after nine months of consideration by educators and state officials. Last June, 365 educators applied to serve on the English and math writing teams, and initial drafts were submitted in October.

Officials from the S.C. Education Oversight Committee and Department of Education each convened task forces of parents, community leaders, special education teachers and business leaders. Both task forces then reviewed the drafts.

Public review of the drafts resulted in 18,000 comments, and in December 2014 both the EOC and Department of Education task forces combined to write several versions of the standards. The state board unanimously adopted the finalized standards in February and the EOC voted by an 11-1 margin to accept the standards this month.

“This process was truly a team effort and I want to thank the thousands of parents, teachers, community leaders, and business men and women who all played an integral role,” Spearman said.

The state department has a survey for continued public input on the new standards, which can be taken by visiting

Richardson appointed to SCSBA counsel

Tiffany Richardson, director of policy and legal services for the S.C. School Boards Association, was appointed as general counsel for the board earlier this month.

Richardson joined SCSBA in January 2014 and was previously a staff attorney in the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of the S.C. Supreme Court. She’s also worked with Boykin and Davis Law Firm, and is a member of the S.C. Bar, Women Lawyers Association, National Association of Bar Counsel and the S.C. Bar’s 2012 Leadership Academy.

“Richardson has displayed a keen insight regarding education policy development and has demonstrated an immediate ability to take policy and legal services to higher levels for the benefit of school boards in the state,” said Scott Price, SCSBA executive director-elect.

She will continue to serve as the association’s director of policy, where she provides school boards with analysis and updates on state and federal laws. As general counsel, Richardson will direct the development and administration of legal issues concerning SCSBA and the S.C. School Boards Insurance Trust.

SCSBA advocates for quality public education while ensuring excellence in school performance through training and service, according to their website.