Eligible students can petition for high school diploma, despite exit exam requirement

The S.C. Department of Education has launched a web page with information for students who want to petition for a high school diploma pursuant to Act 155, especially eligible students in the class of 2014.

Act 155 eliminates the requirement for students in graduating classes from 2015 onward to pass an exit exam to receive a diploma. It allows students who, since 1990, have met all other requirements except for passing the exit exam to petition for a high school diploma.

“We are working with school districts and school boards across the state to ensure that every student who meets the requirements receives his diploma,” said S.C. Superintendent of Education Mick Zais.

Students must no longer be enrolled in public school to be eligible. They also must file a petition with their local school board by Dec. 31, 2015.

According to Act 155, the class of 2014 must still pass the exit exam. However, students who did not pass the exam this year can take it during the summer or file a petition as soon as they are no longer enrolled in public school.

Zais said he is encouraging local districts to allow eligible students to participate in graduation ceremonies. He said his department will work with districts to assist graduating students to receive their diploma once they have filed a petition and their eligibility is verified.

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