Horry County Schools distributes tablets to high school teachers as part of digital initiative

Horry County Schools began distributing digital devices to high school teachers last week in preparation for the second phase of its personalized digital learning initiative, which is designed to put a digital device in each student’s hands over a three-year period.

About 900 devices will be given to teachers through May 13, said Ashley Gasperson, HCS coordinator of digital communications. The district chose the Windows-based Dell Venue 11 tablet, an attachable keyboard to convert the tablet to a laptop and a case. Each tablet, including accessories, cost $600.

The district launched the PDL initiative in January, giving iPads to all middle school students. High school focus groups opted for a tablet with storage capability and a keyboard, not a full-fledged laptop, and students in grades nine through 12 will receive their devices in the fall. The PDL rollout will continue in fall 2015 for grades three through five.