No bond set for man charged with pregnant woman’s murder

Christopher Kalb
Christopher Kalb

The family of a 22-year-old pregnant woman found shot to death in a vacant Horry County lot in April, spoke out at the first court appearance of the man charged with her murder.

“I wish you would give me permission to do him in,” said Paul DiTillio, father of the victim, Shannon DiTillio.

“I don’t want him getting out. He doesn’t deserve anything. He’s a real piece of work,” Paul DiTillio tearfully said at the hearing Thursday morning in Conway.

Shannon DiTillio arrived in Horry County on April 7 from Buffalo, N.Y., according to authorities, and she was discovered at 1700 Vera Road in Longs about 11 a.m. April 11. A complainant had gone into the empty lot to get some dirt, but turned around and called police when he noticed a “motionless” body with blood around it, according to an Horry County police report.

An Horry County Coroner’s report stated Shannon DiTillio was about 16 weeks pregnant when she was discovered.

Christopher Kalb, 25, of Ash, N.C., is charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent felony in connection with Shannon DiTillio’s death, police said.

Kalb was Shannon DiTillio’s ex-boyfriend, and they have a daughter, who is about 18 months old and is cared for by grandparents in New York.

“Now you have a baby in New York that no longer has a mother and no longer has a father,” said Paul DiTillio’s girlfriend, Jayne Gillmer. Gillmer has known Shannon since she was a baby, she said.

Kalb was arrested April 13 in Brunswick County, N.C., in connection with an unrelated domestic violence charge from November involving a different female victim, police said. Horry County police quickly issued warrants for him in connection with Shannon DiTillio’s death, but they weren’t able to serve them until he was returned to South Carolina.

He was extradited to Horry County on Wednesday after the postponement of hearings earlier in the summer in Brunswick County, N.C.

“Due to the nature of the crime, this court cannot set your bond. Therefore, we will deny your bond until you go before the circuit court judge,” said Judge Aaron Butler at Kalb’s hearing at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway.

Kalb stood before the judge and said nothing when asked if he would like to say anything to the court, but did say he could afford an attorney when asked by the judge.

“We want him to know that we’re here to see justice for Shannon. She didn’t deserve this,” said Gillmer after the proceeding.

Gillmer said Kalb lured Shannon to the Horry County area.

“She was in love with him. She was in love. That’s why she came down here. She wanted her and their daughter to be a family,” she said as tears spilled down her face.

Gillmer said Shannon would call her father whenever she needed him. She said the family would have come to Horry County to get her and would have never left her here if she needed them.

“It was hard,” said Gillmer of facing Kalb at the hearing. “It broke her father down, and he’s a tough guy.”

Shannon’s father had met Kalb once or twice when he dated Shannon.

The family wants justice done but doesn’t want Kalb to face the death penalty, because they want him to wake up each day knowing what he did, Gillmer said.

“He may stand there all cold and act like it’s not bothering him, but maybe someday he’ll wake up and realize what he did,” said Gillmer, who added the family plans to travel from New York to attend every future court proceeding.

Kalb’s arrest came on April 13 during an investigation by Horry County police and Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office detectives who set up surveillance at a home in Ash, N.C., looking for Kalb, according to search warrants from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said they saw Kalb leave the residence in a vehicle, followed him, and authorities conducted a traffic stop. Kalb was found in a van and arrested, according to police documents.

During the stop, Kalb tried to conceal his cellphone, authorities said, and a warrant to search it was obtained. Police searched his cellphone and said Kalb communicated with DiTillio on April 7 — the date she arrived in Horry County, documents state.

An Horry County detective also noted that when they opened a Google Maps application on the phone, a map displaying the area of Pint Circle and S.C. 90 in Horry County was shown, which is near Vera Road where the victim’s body was found, documents state.

During an interview with Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office and Horry County police detectives, Kalb initially said he hadn’t spoken to DiTillio in weeks, documents state.

But Kalb later stated DiTillio “got into my head, so I blew hers the (expletive) off,” according to a search warrant.

“DiTillio did suffer a gunshot wound to the head,” according to an Horry County police affidavit.