Man trying to break up fight in Myrtle Beach winds up with broken ankle, police say

A man trying to break up a fight wound up with a broken ankle while another is facing an assault charge in connection to the incident, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Rashun Sharif Taylor, 45, is facing assault — police are pursuing a warrant to upgrade it to second degree — and public intoxication charges after his actions led to another man’s broken ankle Saturday, the report states.

Police went to Athena’s Bar & Grill, located at 407 Yaupon Drive, in reference to an assault, according to the report. Taylor, who matched the suspect’s description was immediately detained before an officer spoke with the victim, who was sitting on the ground with blood around him and a portion of his lower leg appearing to be broken, the report states.

The victim was upset and screaming that Taylor was the one who hit him and then explained to police that he saw the suspect fighting another person and he attempted to break it up, according to the report. While attempting to intervene, Taylor “hit him and pushed him,” causing him to fall on the ground and break his ankle, the report states.

Taylor told police he was speaking to a few women when the victim hit him, according to the report. Taylor then made multiple derogatory comments about the sexual orientation of the victim and stated several times “I’m not gay,” the report states.

Taylor admitted to being in an altercation with the victim and pushing him, but changed his statement several times, according to police. Witnesses, who didn’t want to give their information, corroborated the victim’s account, the report states.

When the officer put Taylor under arrest, two women from the initial incident returned to the scene and one had marks on her but said nothing had happened and wasn’t cooperating with police, according to the report. The other said she witnessed the whole altercation and confirmed Taylor’s push led to the victim’s injuries, the report states.

The victim was taken to the hospital, while Taylor was taken to jail, according to the report. Upon further information on the victim’s injuries, police requested a warrant to up the charge to second-degree assault, the report states.