Judge sets bond for fifth suspect in Father’s Day Ocean Blvd. shooting

A municipal judge set bond at $100,000 for the fifth suspect accused of an Ocean Boulevard shooting on Father’s Day 2017 that garnered worldwide attention after being broadcast on Facebook Live.

Myrtle Beach Judge Jennifer Wilson granted the bond for Jarvez Graham, 19, on Thursday, and said Graham will also have to GPS monitoring. He will also live with his mother in Troy, North Carolina once he posts bond.

Myrtle Beach Police charged Jarvez Graham with six counts of attempted murder. He was recently extradited to South Carolina.

A municipal judge set bond for Jarvez Graham, the final suspect accused in an Ocean Boulevard shooting on Father's Day 2017. Myrtle Beach Police charged him with six counts of attempted murder. Four other men also face charges in the incident. Josh Bell

Graham’s attorney Barbara Pratt told the court that they plan to provide evidence that Graham tried to stop the shooting.

Graham is the fifth man to appear in an area court in connection to the shooting.

Four other people – Reakwon Graham, Keshawn Steele, Derias Little and Tyron Steele – were previously charged for their roles in the shooting. Their cases remain active in General Sessions court.

According to Graham’s arrest report, shortly after midnight on June 18, police responded to Ocean Boulevard and 4th Avenue North for a group of disorderly people.

As officers arrived, gunfire rang out and six people were shot, according to the report.

The incident started on 5th Avenue North when a car driven by Jarvez Graham stopped and Reakown Graham, Keshawn Steele and Derias Little got out and approach one of the victims, according to the report. They threw hand signals and then ran from the scene.

Jarvez Graham drove the car south on Ocean Boulevard where he picked up the three. They drove to 4th Avenue where they waited.

The suspected made plans to attack the victim, police say. As a group of people approached, Reakown Graham, Keshawn Steele and Derias Little left the car, according to the report.

Jarvez Graham yelled “burn him,” according to the report, which was the attack signal. Little fired shots, hitting several people, and then carjacked a vehicle to escape, according to the report.

During Thursday’s bond hearing, Assistant Solicitor Cara Walker said that the other four suspects had bond set in the case, though it was at the circuit court level. The lowest was $100,000 and Walker asked that Jarvez Graham’s bond meet that mark at a minimum.

“We do have some serious crimes,” Walker said.

Pratt said Jarvez Graham was in the Myrtle Beach area to celebrate his recent high school graduation and said her client was not the shooter. Jarvez Graham does not have a criminal history.

Heather Rattelade is an North Carolina attorney and a family friend. At the bond hearing, she said she has known Jarvez Graham for six years and he has always displayed responsibility.

“Mr. Graham has never shown any signs of aggression in high school, or after high school,” Rattelade said. “He’s always been the young man who presented very well, uses his manners, has full respect of everyone he comes in contact with.”

Graham’s mother, Tanita Smith said Jarvez was at work when he learned from media reports that he was wanted in connection to the shooting and turned himself in to authorities in North Carolina. His father Kinnon Graham said it was a situation that escalated.