Loris police warn parents about marijuana edibles that look like candy

Loris Police Department posted photos on Facebook showing bags of edibles with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and jars of the drug that officers picked up during a traffic stop.

Majana Rayneice Jordan, 24, of Sacramento, California, was charged by police with manufacturing and possession of other substances after a 7 p.m. traffic stop Thursday on the 4200 block of Broad Street, said interim chief Gary Buley. According to a police report, officers initiated the stop after they say Jordan was illegally parked.

Jordan was also charged with having more than one driver's license, detention center records show.

"They're made with THC with is part of the (marijuana) plant that makes you high," Buley said. "I'm not sure how much THC is in these candies because they haven't been tested yet."

Officers found several labeled bags with hard rock-like substances inside, several glass jars with marijuana and plastic containers full of liquid, according to a police report.

Police warned parents in the Monday post about edibles that look like candy with a high THC concentration.

"This is something that you do not want your kids to be able to get a hold of," the post reads.

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