'Where's the money at': Masked men rob Domino's Pizza at gunpoint, HCPD investigating

Horry County police are investigating after two masked men robbed a Little River Domino's Pizza and its employees at gunpoint late Wednesday night.

Officers were called to the restaurant, located at 3377 East Highway 9, around midnight, according to an incident report.

When they arrived, the restaurant's general manager told police he had just walked through the front door around 11:45 p.m. and was standing by two other employees when two unknown men began walking toward him, the report says.

The manager then began walking toward the two men to ask what they were doing, and that's when one of the suspects pulled a gun out, "cocked it" and asked "where's the money at," police said.

Police say the suspects then ordered the employees to go inside the office, where they reportedly stole money from a lock box. The amount of stolen money was redacted in the police report.

"After the two subjects took the money from there, they went to the register and took money from there too," an officer wrote in the report. That dollar amount was also redacted.

Before the two men fled the restaurant, police say they also stole three of the employees' phones, but they were later found behind the restaurant.

The report describes the first suspect as a male who is about 5-foot-6 inches tall and weighs 230 pounds. The second suspect is about 6-foot-five inches tall and weighs around 135 to 145 pounds.

Information regarding what the suspects were wearing was redacted in the police report and no further suspect information is available.

Police continue to investigate.

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