'We'll be coming for you': Police arrest dozens in drug roundup

Police in Brunswick County N.C. arrested 30 suspects during the past month as part of an ongoing drug roundup.

"We have made it clear that if you deal drugs within our county that we'll be coming for you," Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram said. "This is just one of those roundups where were trying to get the people off the streets that deal this poison."

The roundup, called Throw Back in Jail Thursday, was the result of a six-month undercover operation, Ingram said. There were various drugs involved in the investigation including crack cocaine, heroin and prescription medication.

Earlier this week, the department arrested several people during a sweep. Police went to a residence in the southern part of Brunswick County to arrest three men. The home is near the Horry County line, approximately 10 miles from North Myrtle Beach. Officers smelled marijuana at the residence and got a search warrant.

Officers also brought in K9 units to help search the nearby wooded area.

During the search, officers found 6 ounces of cocaine, marijuana, money and a handgun, Ingram said.

"This shows that these people that we're targeting were definitely involved in a lot of business throughout the county," Ingram said.

During the round up, there have been more than 200 charges and 63 suspects and 45 arrests to date. Among the accused there are 40 repeat drug offenders, according to the department. More than 30 suspects had outstanding warrants.