Teen charged after holding entire Loris High soccer team hostage, police say

Zachary Jamaine Jordan -
Zachary Jamaine Jordan -

After a teen's necklace went missing following a Loris High School soccer game on Friday, police say he temporarily held the entire soccer team hostage on the school bus.

Loris police arrested 18-year-old Zachary Jermaine Jordan, of Loris, on Tuesday and charged him with kidnapping, second-degree assault and battery, disturbing schools and two counts of simple larceny, online records show.

Jordan's charges stem from an incident that happened March 23.

When Jordan was traveling back from a game with the school's soccer team that night, police say he discovered that his gold chain necklace was missing and believed someone stole it.

One of the coaches on the bus told police he explained to players that whoever stole the necklace needed to come forward to him in private and return it, a Loris police report says.

After the necklace was not found, Jordan was "in a fit of emotion" and allegedly made his way from the back of the bus to the front, stating "no one is getting off this bus until what's mine is given back to me. If not, I am going to punch anyone in the face and beat anyone down who tries to leave," the report states. "I will even shoot you up it doesn't matter I have been to jail before, I've been in the streets, I don't care I want what's mine."

The coach told police all of the players then emptied their bags and searched underneath seats "in fear" in an attempt to locate the missing necklace, authorities said.

"[Jordan] proceeded with threats stating that he, 'will shoot anyone or anybody who stands in his way, his chain was stamped and approved and that he worked hard for his money!'" an officer wrote in the report.

The necklace was reportedly worth $500, so Jordan allegedly said that everyone on the bus would give him something of theirs to help cover the loss of his necklace, "whether it was a phone or wallet," the report notes.

As the bus approached Loris High School, authorities say that's when Jordan "began to take action with what he said about no one leaving the bus."

The coach alleged Jordan told two players to stand at the back of the bus and to not let anyone out — if they did, he threatened to harm them, police said.

As the coach tried to deescalate the situation, police say Jordan pushed him out of the way and threatened to hit him.

The report says Jordan then got off the bus and began making threats to the players' parents, saying "he didn't care that he would fight them also and take their stuff too."

Authorities say he also took six players' phones and demanded them to empty their pockets.

That was when the coach said he called police.

"When [Jordan] found out that officers were on the way, the subject left the phones and took off and left," the officer noted in the report.

Police say Jordan has been suspended from the school "pending an investigation."

He remains in jail as of Wednesday evening with an $11,500 bond.

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