Couple sees tall man walk out of their closet and disappear, police said

Their dogs were quiet when a tall man wearing all black walked out of a couple's closet early Wednesday morning, Myrtle Beach police said.

Police said there were no signs of forced entry and all doors and windows were locked when they arrived at a residence on the 8500 block of San Marcello Drive, a report said.

The two dogs began barking "very loud" when police got to the house but were "quiet and calm" when the suspect was in the house, which the victim said was unusual, according to the report.

The victim told police he and another victim were in bed when they looked over at the walk-in closet and a tall man, who was about 6 feet and wearing all black, walked out, the report said. The victim yelled at the man and the man took off toward the living room, according to the report.

Police said when the victim followed, the man disappeared.

No suspect was found after police cleared the house, the report said.

Nothing was missing from the residence, police said.

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