Toddler cried 'mama' as Conway mom staggered under the influence nearby, police say

Jamie Lynn Winans -
Jamie Lynn Winans -

A woman — who police say appeared under the influence — could barely stand in a Dollar General store while her 3-year-old pleaded for attention, according to an arrest report.

Police charged 30-year-old Jamie Lynn Winans, of Conway, with unlawful neglect of a child, public intoxication, possessing contraband in a county jail and simple possession of marijuana, online jail records show.

On Sunday, Horry County police were called to the Dollar General located on Highway 701 after someone complained about a "suspicious" woman, later identified by police as Winans, who appeared to be under the influence inside the store, according to an incident report.

When officers arrived, they said Winans was standing in an aisle with her 3-year-old child seated in the shopping cart, who was repeating "mama" over and over attempting to get her attention.

"[Winans] stood in the same place for an extended period of time and began to close her eyes and lean to the far side almost falling down on the shelves lining the aisles," an officer wrote in the report. "[Winans] would then stand up quickly, and repeat the same behavior while standing in the same location appearing to become almost unresponsive and fall to the floor."

That's when police placed handcuffs on Winans and told her she was being detained due to her behavior in the store, the report says.

"While attempting to secure handcuffs on the arrestee, I observed her right hand wrapped with what appeared to be a black headband attaching her wrist to the shopping cart so that she would not fall," the officer added in the report.

Dollar General employees told officers Winans was showing that behavior since she entered the store with the child, "which was very alarming to them," police said.

Horry County Fire Rescue personnel also responded to the store, who told the officers Winans allegedly admitted to taking prescription medications for mood disorders, according to the report.

"The arrestee did also have visible redness in both of her eyes, as well as difficulty formulating comprehensible responses to questions she was asked," the report states.

Police say there were "several" miscellaneous medicine bottles inside Winans' car, as well as a "strong odor" of marijuana coming from the car.

"I did also locate an empty cigarette pack with a clear bag containing a blue in color straw with white residue in it," the officer noted. "I did also locate a clear plastic cigarette wrapper containing six green round pills with 'TEVA' and '833' inscribed on them."

Winans was transported to Conway Medical Center because "officers were unsure of the exact substance consumed by the arrestee," authorities said.

After she was medically cleared from the hospital, she was transported to J. Reuben Long Detention Center, where police say they found a clear plastic bag with marijuana when they searched her.

A family member took custody of Winan's child, according to police.

She was released from jail on Monday after posting a $10,600 bond.