Loris man threatened to shoot police after loading rifle, report says

Police say they had to "take aim" at a Loris man who allegedly threatened to shoot them early Sunday morning, according to an Horry County police report.

David Lamanna, 43, was charged by police with two counts of threatening the life of a public employee and two counts of pointing and presenting a firearm.

Police responded about 3 a.m. to a home on Airport Road in Loris after a complainant called 911 about a "domestic event" and requested medical assistance, the report said.

The complainant told Horry County and Loris police that she and Lamanna had been in a verbal dispute and he had walked away from the home, the report states. He returned later and was "physically distressed" and needed medical attention, according to the report.

The report said while the complainant was on the phone with 911, she said the man "did not like police presence" and that he had a shotgun.

The man was carrying a rifle when police arrived, the report says, and was asked to hand over the rifle to police. Then Lamanna, the report states, became "irate, yelling and cursing at officers" and told police to leave his property. Police said they were unsuccessful while trying to calm the subject.

Lamanna then grabbed his rifle with both hands and loaded a round, the report said, causing police to "take aim" at the man with their guns. The subject then told police if they didn't get out of his yard, he would shoot them "heavily," according to the report.

Officers responded to the man, "pleading that the subject not force officers to use deadly force," the report said, and Lamanna then walked back into the residence.

Several children were in the home. Police reported they asked the complainant to remove the kids from the house.

More officers arrived on scene and the subject then came onto the porch unarmed and sat on the steps, the report said. Police said the subject was uncooperative after being told he'd be handcuffed. Police said they explained to the man that he would be tased if he resisted, the report said. The man said he would die if he were tased because he has a medical condition, according to the report.

The subject then cooperated, police said, and was taken to J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Police later received a consent to search the home and found "a large amount of drugs," according to the report.