Myrtle Beach woman faces assault charges for allegedly hitting woman with wine glass

A Myrtle Beach woman faces assault charges for allegedly picking up a wine glass and hitting a woman during an argument over her children not being allowed in the victim's house.

Nicole Marcell Knox, 27, of Myrtle Beach, was arrested for allegedly picking up the glass and striking the victim during an argument Saturday.

The victim told police Knox was upset because she was told her children could no longer visit her apartment because she believed them to be stealing. Knox knocked on the door and began arguing with the victim, according to the report, and when the victim sat down the glass to try and push Knox out the door, Knox grabbed it and hit her.

Police and EMS noted lacerations to the victim's left forearm, her hairline and on the left side of the neck under her chin, the latter of which would require stitches to close.

Knox told police that the victim was coming after her and she had to defend herself, according to the report.