Man threatens to stab Myrtle Beach hotel patron in the heart for not helping him carry groceries

Myrtle Beach police are looking for a man who threatened to stab another man in the heart after the victim would not help him carry groceries up to his hotel room, according to a police report.

Officers were called about 8 p.m. Friday to a hotel at 6900 N. Ocean Blvd. where a 52-year-old man reported the incident, police said.

The victim told police he was walking to the hotel elevator with his dogs when he saw the suspect carrying several bags of groceries. He told the suspect he could use the elevator first, and the suspect then set down his groceries and asked the victim if he was going to help him carry them to his room. The victim told authorities that when he declined to help carry groceries, the suspect then said “he was going to stab him in the heart,” according to the report.

The victim called police after the threat and told them he thought the man went up to the fourth floor. Police searched for the suspect, but could not find him, authorities said.