Myrtle Beach police charge man with drug trafficking after cocaine found in potato chip bag

Myrtle Beach police charged a man with drug distribution after they found several balloons filled with cocaine in a bag of potato chips he was carrying, according to a police report.

Officers at the Myrtle Beach Police Department were told by Homeland Security agents that they suspected Ruben Saldivar-Rios, 24, was in the country illegally and involved in heron distribution, authorities said.

Police were called about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday when Saldivar-Rios was seen near the Wal-Mart on Seaboard Street, according to the report.

Officers found Saldivar-Rios on U.S. 501, north of Wal-Mart. Police searched Saldivar-Rios and found seven balloons full of cocaine, totaling to 7.89 grams, in a bag of potato chips he had been eating from, authorities said.

Saldivar-Rios was arrested and taken to the Myrtle Beach Jail.

Police also got permission to search Ruben Saldivar-Rios’ home on the 700 block of Chester Street and found 13.59 grams of heroin in a room that appeared to be his, authorities said.

Authorities also charged Saldivar-Rios with trafficking heroin, according to the report.