Man charged with assault spits on police during arrest

A man was charged with assault and throwing bodily fluids after he fought with police officers and spit on them outside Street Reach during his arrest, authorities said.

Officers were called about 11 p.m. Tuesday to Street Reach on Osceola Street to assist with a possible drug overdose, according to a police report.

Police were met by two staff workers who told them one of the men was acting strange and trying to fight people.

Officers met with Paul Schopp, 32, who they said had large pupils and appeared sluggish. Schopp refused to cooperate with emergency medical service workers and began using offensive language toward them, which disturbed other residents who were trying to sleep, police said.

Street Reach staff told police they wanted Schopp removed from the building for his disruptive behavior, and officers and placed him under arrest took him outside, according to the report.

Schopp refused to sit in the back of a police car after being asked several times. Schopp began kicking and hitting officers when they attempted to physically sit him in the back of the police car and spit on two officers when they put his seat belt on, authorities said.

Schopp was then taken to the Myrtle Beach Jail and charged with third-degree assault, two counts of throwing bodily fluids, and disorderly conduct, according to the report.

Schopp’s picture was not available to the Myrtle Beach Jail website.