Former Conway police officer charged with criminal domestic violence

A former Conway police officer was arrested by agents with the State Law Enforcement Division Wednesday in connection with a domestic dispute that occurred in April.

Sandroy John Edwards, 35, is charged with criminal domestic violence against his wife of more than 15 years.

Edwards is accused of injuring his wife during an altercation on April 20. He was booked at J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Edwards was hired in Sept. 2004 and resigned the day of his arrest, said city administrator Bill Graham.

An arrest warrant says that during a physical altercation between the two, Edwards’ wife received injuries to her head and other parts of her body.

Someone who arrived at the Edwards home after the fight noticed that Edwards’ wife appeared disheveled, according to the warrant, with dirty clothing, and bruising and swelling around her face.

According to the warrant, the witness also saw Edwards, who is more than 100 pounds heavier than his wife, push her to the ground and threaten her verbally.