Conway police warn of telephone scam

Conway police are asking residents to be careful regarding a telephone scam that has been reported, Lt. Selena Small said.

Residents have filed complaints with officers about receiving telephone calls from people, who say they are police officers or federal agents, and demand that the person pay a large fine by money order or wire transfer or be arrested, Small said. The callers also have told the victims that a family member is jailed and money is needed to bail the person out.

Residents should remember that police will not call and ask for money in return for dropping a warrant or ask for money transfers, Small said. Residents should verify the caller’s information before acting on any demands.

Other tips include: mail and e-mail scams happen and the caller changes the story often.

Do not trust a number the caller gives you to verify the information. Research the number yourself and contact that organization to verify. These scammers have the availability to have any number show up on your caller ID, so do not trust the caller just because the number matches. You still need to hang up and verify that organizations number and then call it for yourself.