Myrtle Beach police foil apparent shoplifting spree

Myrtle Beach police interrupted several women who apparently were on a shoplifting spree at Coastal Grand Mall Thursday afternoon, according to a report at the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

The report said that a loss prevention officer at Sears who was watching the parking lot from a surveillance camera saw a white SUV come into the lot with the same tag number as one the store had been watching.

The officer told police that he watched the women leave the SUV with empty bags and return later with the bags full, the report said.

He said three of the women emptied their bags into an SUV while the fourth emptied her bag into the trunk of a nearby car.

The women went back into the mall, entering by a fire exit door, with empty bags and again returned with bags so full, “they looked like pillows,” the report quoted the officer.

He called police, who saw three women standing by a white SUV. One of the women walked away and the other two began walking toward Sears when they saw the police officer, the report said.

He stopped the two women and questioned them but they refused to give him permission to search their vehicle.

They left while he was waiting for a search warrant, the report said.

The search turned up numerous items with tags on them from JC Pennys, Carters Childrens Store, Kirklands and Old Navy. Multiple Kirkland bags were found on the ground next to the vehicle, according to the report.

One of the women later called police and asked if she would have “to wear bracelets” if she went to retrieve her vehicle.

The report did not indicate that the vehicle had been reclaimed. No arrests have been made, but the report said that warrants were pending.