Age-progressed sketch of Brittanee Drexel released

An age-progressed sketch of Brittanee Drexel was released Tuesday.

The sketch, a donation by forensic artist Diana Trepkov, shows Drexel with her right eye smaller than her left as a result of an eye disease, according to a press release from the CUE Center for Missing Persons. Drexel has an eye disease called persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous – considered a birth defect that casts shadows in eye sight causing eye dilation issues and cataracts. The sketch shows what Drexel’s eyes would look like without medical attention.

“I was so overwhelmed by what she gave us just before the holidays,” said Dawn Drexel in a press release. “The beauty of what I know my daughter would really look like today, a little older, a new hair style, but still the beautiful little girl that peeks through those eyes of her. It is a bittersweet gift.”

Drexel was last seen in Myrtle Beach on April 25, 2009, when she left the Blue Water Hotel on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. The Rochester, N.Y., native was 17. The family was last in Myrtle Beach for a vigil in October, for Drexel’s 21st birthday.

Her case has been profiled on dozens of local and national television shows, billboards and websites.

No arrests have been made in Drexel’s disappearance.

CUE Center officials have organized dozens of searches with hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement to search for the teen.

The searches began in Georgetown and Charleston counties after officials learned Drexel’s cellphone gave off its last known signal on April 26, 2009, in Georgetown County.

In August 2011, police searched a room at the Sunset Lodge on U.S. 17 near the Georgetown County Airport where someone identified as a person of interest had stayed. Police officials declined to comment on findings in that hotel room, and no new information has been released since.

Anyone with information on Drexel’s disappearance can call Myrtle Beach police at 918-1963.