Kingstree man charged with armed robbery, kidnapping in Myrtle Beach drug dispute

A Kingstree man was charged in connection with an armed robbery inside a Myrtle Beach apartment after he was involved in a traffic crash in the city, according to an arrest report.

Renwick Dassan Mose, 31, was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping and an unrelated possession of a controlled substance early Thursday after police said he was involved in a traffic crash, according to the report. Details about the crash were not immediately available.

The robbery and kidnapping charges stemmed from an assault that occurred Sept. 27 at 606 N. Kings Highway after a 42-year-old man told officers he was robbed at gunpoint following a dispute over drugs, according to a police report.

The victim said that on that night the suspect showed up at his room without notice to talk with another person about a mo-ped trade, according to the report.

The victim said while the other person, whose information was not listed in the report, came to an agreement about the trade, a small bag of drugs fell out of the suspect’s pocket.

The victim said the suspect and two others with him left the room, and the victim noticed the drugs were gone from the bed, according to the report. The victim said the men returned demanding the drugs and forced the victim and the other person to remove their clothing to make sure they weren’t concealing the drugs.

The victim said during the incident a man put a gun to his head and threatened him. He said he also was punched in the face and had cash stolen, according to the report. The suspect told police he had been in his room with four other people that night and didn’t know anything about money, drugs or an assault.