Man flirts with taxicab driver before robbing her at knifepoint in Myrtle Beach

A man flirted with a female cab driver, sending her a text message photograph of himself, before robbing her early Sunday morning, police said.

According to a Myrtle Beach police reporter, a man who identified himself as Patrick exchanged phone numbers with a woman Saturday night while she was in her taxicab, calling her and flirting over the course of two hours. Police said he sent a text message with a photograph of himself to the victim, saying he liked older women, and asked for one in return.

At about 1:35 a.m. Sunday the man called the woman and requested a ride to 401 7th Ave. N., telling her he needed to go there to get change. Once there, the woman told police the suspect made a few calls to someone asking why the door was locked and both he and the victim walked around the building to find a way inside. Police said the man then got into the front seat of the taxi, pulled out a closed pocket knife and demanded money. The victim complied and fled the scene.

The victim shared the photograph of the suspect with police, but it was not immediately available to the media.