State Rep. Tracy Edge’s license suspension lifted

State Rep. Tracy Edge’s driver’s license suspension was lifted Tuesday, according to records with the state Department of Motor Vehicles released Wednesday.

Edge was arrested and charged with driving under suspension on Sept. 27 and held at the North Myrtle Beach public safety building from 4:37 a.m. to 5:21 a.m. Edge also was given a warning for driving left of center after he crossed the lane of travel.

Edge – who is seeking re-election in S.C. House District 104 in November – had his license suspended on Sept. 13 because he failed to pay a speeding ticket, according to the records. After he was stopped, Edge maintained that he had taken care of the matter on Sept. 24, three days before his arrest. He said he followed the instructions he received from the DMV and paid the ticket and a reinstatement fee, but a lag in the computer systems meant the reinstatement was not immediate.

“I’m preparing for trial and looking forward to trial. I’m looking forward to it coming out in my favor,” Edge said Wednesday. “I didn’t know there was a lag time in the posting of the payments.”

Edge’s court case involving the speeding ticket came up on the last day of the legislative session and he said he thought he had been granted a continuance. He learned that had not been granted when received a letter from the DMV last week about the suspension.

At the time Edge was stopped, he said he did not have the paperwork with him showing he had paid the ticket online, and DMV records had not been updated.

Horry County court records show Edge was ticketed for driving 10 mph or less over the speed limit on May 17. He was found guilty in absentia during a bench trial on July 17, which was the last day of the legislative session.

Edge currently has five points on his license, according to DMV records. He also was charged with speeding no greater than 10 miles per hour on April 29, and was found guilty following a bench trial on Aug. 14. Edge, who did not appear for that hearing, was fined an unspecified amount, according to the court records. He received two points on his license after he paid that fine.

In the recent incident, a city police officer said he was traveling south on Ocean Boulevard at 41st Avenue North at 3:51 a.m. when he saw a blue sport utility vehicle leave a northbound lane of Ocean Boulevard and veer into the southbound lane, “almost colliding with my patrol vehicle,” according to a police incident report.

The officer stopped the 2008 Ford Expedition, identified Edge as the driver and discovered that his license had been suspended, according to the report. Edge told the officer that he had paid the fine and a reinstatement fee by mail on Sept. 24, but he did not have proof of the payment in his possession.

The officer noted in his report that Edge “was sober and stated that he had taken his eyes off the road for a moment and started to swerve into oncoming traffic.”

The vehicle was released to Edge’s brother after Edge was handcuffed and taken into custody, according to the report.

Edge was released from the North Myrtle Beach jail after posting a $653 cash bond. A trial date is scheduled for Oct. 24 at the city’s courthouse.

Edge, who has served in the House 1996, won the June Republican primary and is set to face Democratic challenger Charles Randall in November’s general election.