Gun, knife among items stolen from Jeep while parked at Broadway at the Beach

A 55-year-old man told Myrtle Beach police he noticed his gun, knife, wallet, and tools were taken from his Jeep while it was parked at Broadway at the Beach Monday night.

The man went to the police station on Oak Street about 11:30 p.m. to report the theft, according to an incident report. The man told authorities he went to the entertainment complex around 7 p.m. and parked his vehicle.

He got back to his Jeep around 10 p.m. and said he noticed his portable camera was missing, and the handle of his glove box was broken. He said he didn’t have anything valuable in his glove box and wasn’t too concerned at that point, according to the report.

He said his center console was still locked at that point, and left, but soon noticed his his wallet and his gun were missing from the console.

An incident report also lists a knife and other tools were taken. The victim then drove to the police station to report the theft.