His son ‘disrespected him’ over a four-wheeler incident, police say, so he shot him

Robert Lee Stinson
Robert Lee Stinson

Horry County police responded to a Loris hospital Saturday after a 36-year-old man was reportedly shot by his father over a four-wheeler incident, according to an incident report.

Police say the man told them he didn’t want the person who shot him, later identified as Robert Lee Stinson, 54, to get in trouble and that “he would handle the situation.”

Stinson is charged with attempted murder, jail records show. He remains in jail as of Monday afternoon with a $20,000 bond.

When one officer asked the man if his girlfriend shot him, he said no. The officer then asked him if it was his father and he shook his head yes, but said “he was not writing nothing against him,” according to the report.

The man later told an officer the shooting was over a four-wheeler incident and said his “daddy was trying to control everything,” police note in the report.

Police say the man refused to provide a statement for one officer, but officers managed to speak to his mother who claimed her grandchildren said their “grandfather shot their daddy.”

Officers then traveled to Stinson’s home where, according to the reporting, he was already standing outside and told police he “knew law enforcement was coming for him.”

Stinson then told an officer he shot his son and “would do it again if he disrespected him again,” police said. He also told the officer the incident was, in fact, over a four-wheeler and his son “got mad and disrespected him.”

When officers asked Stinson where the gun was, he said he got rid of it because he thought it might have been “hot” and “didn’t want to obtain the charge of possession of stolen property,” the report says.

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